Environmental - Policy Statement

Reside take their environmental responsibilities very seriously and realize that they can make a positive impact to the surrounding environment. We consider it an enjoyable challenge believing that acting in a socially and environmentally competent way will be for the greater good, not only for Reside in terms of obligation but for the whole environment.

Reside will, as a minimum, comply with environmental legislation and rules and target to perform beyond them and commit to the following:-

To motivate those involved with the build process and commit to provide training to educate and promote knowledge on environment and sustainability throughout the whole Reside team.

Involve the whole design team and be proactive in reducing carbon emissions and consider the environmental impact as a key part of our decision making process.

To continually seek out innovative ideas that show potential for the greater good of the environment and help our company adapt to the effects of climate change.

Regulate and use our natural resources efficiently such as water, fuel and materials through the buildings we construct.

Liaise closely with our supply chain and sub-contractors to maximize our environmental performance.

Prevent pollution such as noise, dust, waste etc. Have correct measures in place for storage of hazardous materials on site and have emergency measures in place to deal with incidents.

Communicate with our neighbours to minimize nuisance and inconvenience .

Comply with the Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) in reducing waste to a minimum and recycle when at all possible.

Carry out and provide yearly reviews to measure our performance and implement improvements if possible.