Rebuilding the centre of a thriving village community


On the morning of Thursday 19th June 2014, the 800 year old St Peter’s Church in Ropley, Hants, was almost completely destroyed in a catastrophic fire. 

The church interior and roof was severely damaged and virtually everything inside it destroyed, including the organ, altar, pulpit, tapestry kneelers and irreplaceable historic records and photographs - even those stored in the safe. The flint walls and part of the tower remained, with the oldest part of the church (the tower and South Chapel) and the porch surviving the best. The 'Raise St Peters' team were concerned about the safety of the bell tower whilst the bells were still in position, as the strength of the charred supporting oak beams was unknown. 

Planning permission for the rebuild was granted by East Hants District Council in June 2017, followed by faculty authorisation from the Diocese of Winchester. Working with Winchester architects Alexander Design, Reside Construction commenced site preparations in February 2019.

Since the fire, a huge amount of work has gone into making sure the rebuilt St Peter’s is fit for the 21st century and another 800 years, as the centre of the community for all to enjoy and use. The space created complements other village facilities and will be widely used by the village school, social clubs, concerts and meetings seven days a week, not only for Sunday worship.

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